Assessment Materials

Assessment is THE most important skill for a Ski Patroller. Ski Patrollers assist patients, protecting their life & limb, while avoiding further injury, and transporting them safely and effectively. Good assessment is vital to this patien care.

Perform effective assessments right away using the OECTools assessment materials. The materials include the printed Guide to Patient Assessment, quick reference charts that will be provided. Repitition is the key. Practice your technique and over and over.

First, learn assessment as a mechanical procedure. Then improve your technique by thoroughly reading the chapters in your textbook. Your whole course will answer the "why" of the assessment techniques. In fact, assessment is a skill that uses everything you will learn, both in your course and in years of patrolling experience; a set of techniques intimately coupled to your informed intuition. But, for beginner and old-timer alike, the key is a standard procedure, faithfully followed. You must know the assessment procedures in this guide like you know your own name.

Perfusion is the key to good patient outcomes, and the primary concern of assessment. Perfusion is the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body's organs and tissues. If perfusion is good nothing else really matters. We say this another way: A, B, C ... protect the Airway, assess and assist Breathing and monitor Circulation. Without ABCs, the patient doesn't have perfusion, and "A patient without perfusion is not a patient for long!!"