Bulky Hand Dressing: Typical Use – Skier’s Thumb



Step 1: Make sure you’re practicing proper BSI procedures.

Doh! Place a roller gauze into the palm of the hand.




Step 2: Use the roller gauze as a splint for the injured

thumb being careful to minimize movement of the thumb.



Step 3: Make a “Tail” on the roller gauze so the bandage

can be secured and won’t come undone.


Step 4: Wrap around the “Tail” on the first  pass and fold

over the “Tail” after the first pass.



Step 5: Wrap over the bent back portion of the “Tail” to

secure the end of the roller gauze.


Step 6: Start a Figure-8 wrap around the hand and wrist.


Step 7: Continue Figure 8 wrapping the hand and wrist

being careful to not cause undue stress on the thumb.


Step 8: Be sure to periodically do half twists of the roller gauze

to insure that the bandage is wrapped securely.


Step 9: Tie off the roller gauze by opening up the

remainder of the roller gauze and making a loop under

the wrist. Tie the two ends of the gauze together in a

bow tie.


Completed bandage maintains pressure on the hand,

supporting the injured thumb comfortably.