Elbow Figure 8 Bandage: Typical Use - Lacerations



Step 1: Make sure you’re practicing proper BSI procedures.

Place a bandage over the wound.



Step 2: Make a “Tail” on the roller gauze so the bandage

can be secured and won’t come undone.




Step 3: Wrap around the “Tail” on the first  pass and fold

over the “Tail” after the first pass.



Step 4: Wrap over the bent back portion of the “Tail” to

secure the end of the roller gauze.




Step 5: Periodically put “half twists” in the roller gauze to

make the bandage tighter and snug on the finger. Always

try to wrap starting distal to proximal to avoid creating a



Step 6: After the gauze is fully secured, make sure the

bandage is secured and direct pressure is applied by

wrapping over the dressing.



Step 7: Begin a “figure 8 pattern” wrapping around the arm

in a figure 8 pass.


Step 8: Continue the figure 8 wrapping and half twists to

tighten the bandage.


Step 9: Release the remainder of the gauze and wrap part

back under the arm in order to tie off the roller gauze.


Step 10: Tie off the roller gauze by opening up the

remainder of the roller gauze and making a loop under

the arm. Tie the two ends of the gauze together in a

bow tie.


Completed bandage maintains pressure on the wound and

will not slide off the arm.