Palm Bandage: Typical Use - Lacerations




Step 1: Make sure you’re practicing proper BSI procedures.

Doh! Place a bandage over the wound.



Step 2: Insert a roller into the palm to provide pressure over

the injury.




Step 3: Make a “Tail” on the roller gauze so the bandage

can be secured and won’t come undone.



Step 4: Wrap around the “Tail” on the first  pass and fold

over the “Tail” after the first pass.



Step 5: Wrap over the bent back portion of the “Tail” to

secure the end of the roller gauze.



Step 6: Start a figure 8 bandage around the wrist and over

the injury.



Step 7: Continue Figure 8 bandaging around the wrist and

over the injury of the palm. Remember to do periodic half

twists of the roller gauze to tighten the bandage. This can

be done over the roller gauze to apply more pressure on the

wound, or over the back of the hand.


Step 8: Tie off the roller gauze by opening up the

remainder of the roller gauze and making a loop under

the wrist. Tie the two ends of the gauze together in a

bow tie.




Completed bandage maintains pressure on the wound and

will not slide off the finger.