East Bay OEC Course

Emmett Peck will guide an OEC class in Danville CA from Sept 5 to Nov. 10, 2018. The class will meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings (7-10pm) and on one Saturday (9am-5pm.)

Outdoor Emergency Care® is the National Ski Patrol’s award-winning training program for patrollers and others in the recreation community who deal with emergency situations. This nationally recognized program is designed to help you manage the toughest emergencies, in all seasons. Developed in the late 1980s for the 26,000 members of the National Ski Patrol, Outdoor Emergency Care is a training program that is tailored to the nonurban rescuer. Today, OEC is considered the standard of training for emergency care in the outdoor environment and is recognized by resorts and recreational facilities in all 50 states.

Anyone with a passion to become a patroller is welcome to the Eastbay OEC class. The class will meet at San Ramon Valley High School located at 501 Danville Blvd in Danville on the following dates:

The course will be largely "hands on." If you need information that is not on the web site, please email me at empeck63@gmail.com. You must complete registration by August 15, 2018. You must also arrange to have the 5th Edition Textbook by that date. It is strongly recommended that you acquire the textbook early and start reading as soon as possible.

The OEC text, like any medical text, is very difficult reading. There is a substantial reading assignment to be completed before the first class session. You should plan on spending 75-100 hours of reading and workbook activities before and during the course. The brief lectures in this class DO NOT go over the text book content but rather focus on the information needed to perform on the hill. However, the nationally mandated written final examination tests students on detailed information from the textbook so it is essential that students read and absorb all material in the textbook. The written final examination will be given on Wednesday Nov 7. You must score 80% or higher to successfully complete the course.

Because past students say that the hardest part of this class is reading the text without adequate background, unless the student has some medical background I suggest that students may wish to complete a First Responder (or higher level) emergency response course before beginning the reading for this course.

Past students also report that the class sessions are very demanding and that if you have a demanding day job and have substantial family commitments during the class, the class can be very stressful for you.

This course will make extensive use of email and of the World Wide Web for communication and instruction especially before the class begins. Accommodation (and an additional reproduction charge) will be made for students without Web or email access. Be sure to talk with me if you won't check email regularly between August 1 and the end of the course.

Registration Procedure

Click Here to register or click the register menu item on the left side of the screen.

Class fees paid before Aug 15 = $291.50 if fees paid after Aug 15 = $441.50


The success of this class depends on the help of many experienced patrollers who volunteer to help with the classes. If you are an experienced patroller who would like to help, I would appreciate it if you would send me your patroller information and I will send you additional information.