Patrol Commitment

For volunteer patrollers, I ask that students registered in my OEC class have made a firm commitment to a patrol and that the patrol have made a commitment to the candidate (subject to a ski test for latecomers). This commitment both improves student performance in the class and provides badly needed personnel for class instruction. If you don't have a patrol connection, I may be able to provide you some help in making one. Please contact me ASAP.

The commitment by the patrol to the student and class consists of two parts, providing a mentor for each student and providing personnel for both regular class sessions and a variety of special activities as possible. The patrollers supporting the student and class need not be from the student's patrol or instructor certified, but the student's patrol must be responsible for identifying the persons and ensuring their participation. If you have questions or concerns about this support, please email me.

For potential paid patrollers, please use your personal connections to help us get support for the class to the extent you can and please keep me up to date regarding your employment status. I'm happy to work with you to identify employment opportunities and match you with someone who may be able to facilitate your job search.


  1. Each student should have a mentor from their patrol. The student's mentor becomes his or her primary contact with the patrol, support throughout the course, and, if needed, tutors.
  2. If possible, for each student, the patrol needs to provide, on an average, an experienced patroller for each fourth class session. That is, for a class of sixteen, there need to be an average of four experienced patrollers (not instructors -- patrollers) to assist with guided practice and scenario supervision.
  3. For the special activities shown on the schedule, the patrol needs to provide at least one experienced patroller for each student the patrol has in the class.
  4. Please furnish the name and contact info (phone and email) of your Candidate Advisor as well as the names and contact info (phone/email) of the folks who will be supporting you in the class.