The Dreaded Power Curve

If there is one thing that former students of my classes agree on, it is the danger of getting behind in the class or of skipping reading or and other homework. If you ever feel you are dropping behind in this course, get in touch with me and your mentor IMMEDIATELY so we can help you get back ahead of the curve. Your being behind the curve hinders everybody's learning and will make you thoroughly miserable.

I NEVER rehash the book in class. You get the information from the book or you don't get it. And, if you don't get it, what happens in class doesn't make sense. There you are "circling the drain." I am stressing early enrollment and getting the text to you so early so that you can have time to read ahead before the first class. Wise students will at least skim the whole text before the start of class and will always, always reread and do the exercises before each class session. BE WARNED!!!