Bent Knee Splint: Flag Fold



Fold a blanket into quarters. Not thirds, but quarters.





Fold over the end and start “flag folding” the entire blanket.



Continue the flag fold till you get to the end of the blanket.



Tuck the final part of the blanket into the fold.




Get copious amounts of duct tape and secure the blanket

into it’s form.




Patient’s knee is “locked” in the bent position. They cannot

move it.




Put the flag fold underneath their leg for support.




Some settling will occur on the blanket, but the duct tape

will help it maintain it’s form. Secure the patient’s ankles

together with duct tape to help support the knee.



Taping over clothes is usually fine, but if there is an issue,

stick some carpet padding in.




Lay out 3 cravats as shown. You’ll be using two to tie to the

patient’s leg and the third will pull the two cravats together.



Pull the cravats under the patient’s knees and up over the

injured leg.



Pull the cravats up between the patient’s legs.



Tie one cravat on the thigh. The other on the tib/fib.




Now tie the third cravat together to pull the two cravats

securing the entire package together.




Check Distal CSM once more and you’re done!