Clavicle Splint: Figure 8 Cravat



ďDudeĒ in obvious discomfort. Check distal CSM on

the injured side.





Start by tying two cravats together with a square not.




Put the knot in the center of the patientís back and run one

end of the cravat in front of the patientís right arm.



Run the other end of the cravat under and then over the

patientís left arm.



Tie the two ends of the cravats together with another square

knot. As you pull them together, youíre pulling the clavicles

back into position and splinting the injury.




Notice how the shoulders are lifted back and away re-seating

the clavicles.




Finish the splint by tying off the two cravats. Try to get them

away from the center of the shoulder, but itís a given that

this person will be riding the toboggan down in a chaise

lounge. Check distal CSM on the injured side once again.