Elbow Splint: Chopsticks



Setup the splint. Start first by optionally marking the midpoint

of the cardboard.



Score the cardboard by cutting through one side,

being careful to not create a second patient by

avoiding cutting yourself!




Turn the cardboard over and fold it. Cut it through

to the other side and Wa-la!.



Fold the two pieces of cardboard into small

triangles and tape them at least in 4 positions.




Patient will present the injury as being unable to move the

elbow at all. Go to skin. Check CSM.



Stick a cravat over the elbow for now...



Bring over the cardboard splints and measure for size. Do

not disturb the elbow. Mark with your sharpie where you need

to cut the back ends off. Only make one cut off the back.



Remove the cardboard from the patient and

cut the splints to size.



Bring the splints back to the patient and get their help

in stablizing them.






Tie the two splints together with the cravat so the splints are

held in place.



Tie the two splints together over the wrist to secure the splint

over the wrist.



Tie the two splints together over the shoulder to apply pressure

and lock the elbow in place. Might want to “notch” the splint to

keep the bandages from sliding off if that is a problem. It wasn’t






Tie the entire splint to the patient’s chest if you

have enough cravat left. If not, make a sling and

swath. Check CSM and you’re done.