Obtain Textbook

The Outdoor Emergency Care 6th Ed. text is required for this course. I am not obtaining textbooks for my classes. You MUST get the Sixth Edition.

Outdoor Emergency Care: A Patroller's Guide to Medical Care

The Outdoor Emergency Care text maintains OEC’s relevance to the patrolling environment. With sections on how to assess and care for various outdoor sports emergencies, manage mass-casualty incidents, interface with EMS personnel, and care for outdoor adaptive athletes, is designed to help rescuers deal with any emergency situation they might encounter. Contains updates on the special equipment and techniques used by patrollers and other nonurban rescuers. Completely redesigned, this book features hundreds of detailed four-color photographs and illustrations to underscore the numerous logistics of nonurban care, whether it entails dealing with environmental illnesses such as altitude sickness, deep frostbite, and hypothermia, or managing ski, snowboard, and other outdoor injuries.

NSP does sell the text directly. You will need to order it from the Publisher

You need to have the book in hand by the registration closing date because you must complete reading all or part of the text and doing the exercises prior to the first class meeting date. If you are ordering the text shortly before the registration closing date, you should pay for expidited delivery.