Treatment Scenarios


Scenarios are central to the OECTools implementation. Class sessions 5 - 21 devote half their time (90 minutes per session) to scenarios. Students participate as patients, evaluators and rescuers. Scenario focus improves on-the-hill performance and motivates the students in the class. These scenarios are end-to-end, from . Hi, my name is... through Load the patient in the sled...


Curriculum structure

Key notions


Sample scenario

Scenario #5-2 Thigh Laceration with Hypothermia

LOCATION Below chute going through trees
WEATHER Sunny day but breezy, mid-afternoon. Patient in shorts and damp T-shirt.
SAMPLE Had 3 beers for lunch, but no food except chips.
Taking medication for hepatitis B.
Slashed by stub of limb on tree as he went by.
INJURY Laceration from tree on thigh.
Shivering hypothermic
SYMPTOMS Little bleeding but a good sized tear.
Has trouble focusing and answering questions.
Speech slightly slurred.
Leader:__________________ Assistant:_________________ Patient:__________________
Time: Begin:_______ Call:_______ Complete:________

Let the patient tell the rescuer

Objective of the scenario or practice? ______________________
What do you think rescuer did best? ______________________
How does rescuer think they did overall? ______________________
What is patient. s ONE primary concern? ______________________
What should rescuer focus on in the future? ______________________
Tell rescuer they are improving ______________________

Evaluation Check List

General Assessment Specific
Y N Ask if scene safe? Y N Primary Survey (ABC)? Y N Urgent Body Survey?
Y N Place skis uphill? Y N Unconscious, Vision Oriented? Y N Checks bleeding before secondary
Y N Introduce self to patient? Y N Clear Neck and Back? Y N Sorts out hypothermia
Y N Ask permission to treat? Y N Determine chief complaint(s)? Y N checks distal CMS before bandage
Y N Gloves? Y N Complete SAMPLE? Y N Good bandage
Y N Timely call for equipment and help? Y N Head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth? Y N checks distal CMS after bandage
Y N Appropriate equipment? Y N Throat, Clavicle, Chest? Y N transports head up
Y N Good communication with patient? Y N Abdomen, Pelvis?
Y N Proper treatment of each problem? Y N Legs, Push/Pull?
Y N Good use of helper(s)? Y N Shoulders/Arms, Grip?

Scenario summary - part B common injuries & emergencies

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Scenario summary - part C life threatening injuries and illnesses

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