Hepatitis B, a blood-borne pathogen, is a threat to ski patrollers and other health care workers. Every patroller should be vaccinated for hepatitis B. Please see your health care provider as soon as possible and get your vaccination series started. Mine was three shots over a seven month period.

From Tom Moore:

Tenanus is always a good idea. Mostly given to us old folks, that is over 7, as Td (tetanus and diptheria) but Nevada County Public Health gave me a TDap (tetanus, diptheria, and pertussis) probably because they prefer only to stock one tetanus vaccine. Speaking of which, the public health department is definitely the least expensive way to go. Phone number for Nevada County Public Health is 530 582-7814. Tetanus is $10 and I believe the Hep B series is $45 for each of the three shots.

Speaking of Hep B, there is combined Hep A and Hep B shot out now. Think it costs $10 per shot more. Something to think about if you leave the first world countries. The Hep A series is two shots I believe.

As to MMR, we aren't required to have them. However if you get into EMS (Emergency Medical Services), probably through EMT, you will have to have proof of a tetanus vaccine, MMR, and negative TB test.

and cure the common cold.